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The Aquarena Springs Symphonic Band (ASSB) returns to the Center Thurs., Feb. 23 at 6 p.m. with FEBRUARY THINGS, a representation of some of the many happenings in the month. From groundhogs to Mardi Gras, show tunes to jazz, American Presidents inspiring marches, to American composers pioneering new styles, and hidden sweets from Valentine’s Day. . . the musical selections played will highlight just some of the events that fall in the month of February. Historic music spurred by events that strive for equal justice and freedoms for all Americans will be in the works too.

Seating is limited and ticket reservations are recommended call 512-392-2900 or email to reserve a spot. A $10 donation per guest is suggested. Information on performances or joining the ASSB can be obtained by emailing: or calling 512-212-6228.

The volunteer community band is starting their 3rd season under Musical Director, Michael L. Thielen. They are excited to be returning to the Price Center, who has proven to be a staunch supporter since the band’s beginning. Concert admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Pictured here: The ASSB performing a previous concert at the Center dedicated to Aquarena Springs.

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