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Welcome to the Price Center's Tiny Garden Gallery! Here you will find artworks from our San Marcos Community displayed within the space. The Tiny Garden Gallery was donated by Karen Cross originally as an outdoor library, repurposed to become an outdoor gallery space within the Price Center Garden.

The outdoor gallery brings in those who pass by to be drawn in by the artwork within. This space is a starting point of the artwork displayed throughout the Garden, so make sure you go look for the other artworks hidden within the bushes! 

The outdoor gallery is a rotating gallery which allows many artists to apply and display their work in the Garden. Every few weeks the Price Center will release a new artist call for new artwork to be placed in the Gallery. 

Be Aware! The dimensions of the Gallery are 22 x 14 inches. No artwork larger that 20 x 12 inches!

LRM_EXPORT_287946705756557_20190426_131935171 - Jessie Jahen.jpeg
Jessie Jahen

Love intricately weaves itself into the human experience, a profound emotion that adds depth and meaning to our lives. Much like the delicate petals of a rose, love embodies beauty, fragility, and the potential for growth. The red rose, in particular, has become an enduring symbol of love, with its vibrant hue expressing passion and its thorns representing the challenges that love may bring.


Instagram: @darkknightxd

Current Artist on Display    

Stop by our Tiny Garden Gallery to see this beautiful display in person!

Previous Artists Displayed

Tawni Bates

Felt Good Foods is a meditation art endeavor that makes me smile.

Artist Contact:

IMG_20240418_104447819 - Tawni Bates_edi
Margaret Adie

Several years ago a long time relationship ended after thirty-two years. Suddenly I found myself alone in a house that had always shared the comings and goings of others. I have long been a collector of antique objects that attracted me through their craftsmanship and beauty. Even when an object no longer has a function, there is often a remarkable beauty tied to the craftsmanship that went into the design, based on its original purpose. It makes sense that I would seek healing in art. I've done that all my life, and my house was full of all these beautiful objects, each with their own unique history and purpose, waiting to share their story. So I suppose I just began to listen to them and found myself placing objects that seemed to complement each other in the same vicinity and assembling them into little pieces that seemed to convey a coherent narrative. Quickly these assemblages took the form of people. It wasn't until I had completed several assemblages and had them hanging on my walls that I realized that I was slowly, but steadily, surrounding myself with a collection of fascinating people, each with their own story and each bringing some unique element of their personality into my home. Not all my assemblages are figurative, but all are vignettes of thoughts I hold dear and near to my heart - however that may come out, which usually is with whimsy and hope.

Instagram: @colorshadows

Carol Powers

Instagram: @paperbearsm

Lisa McPike Smith

My work is made of a variety of ceramic clays including low-fire earthenware,

high-fire stoneware, porcelain, and raku and the appropriate glazes for each.

I recently started constructing assemblage art using antique, excavated, porcelain doll parts from a town in Germany which housed 17 doll factoires from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. Some of the doll parts had been buried for decades.​

My work is really PLAY and my medium has a powerful healing affect on me. My hope is that my finished work has a powerful affect on the one who holds it.

May it last long.


Instagram: @hepcatart

20240105_125224 - Lisa McPike Smith.jpg
Joan Nagal

My love for working with dioramas and making assemblages stems back to my childhood.  I spent much of my time as a child playing with dolls, designing and sewing their clothes, and creating homes for them by making furniture out of boxes, fabric scraps, and household items. Each piece I make starts with some found object that speaks to me and then I find one more piece and they begin to talk. A story unfolds as each additional piece is added to complete the work.


Mark D. Lambdin

Small ceramic works, bisk and painted with things added.

Instagram: @mlambdin

Clay DeStefano

My favorite kind of art is that which remains with me long after I walk away from it, i.e., art that I can’t seem to shake off, no matter how hard I may try. I also love works that are not what they initially appear to be. And I truly enjoy seeing the artist’s hand in the piece. For me, art is not about perfection. It’s about expression and emotion and all the beautiful things that happen when one lets go and allows the creative process to take over. My chosen media include photography, Raku pottery, assemblage, and home /garden styling.

Instagram: claydestefano1


I employ up-cycled materials to create objects which form and grow in my imagination, emerging through my hands.

Instagram: @csparksart2018

Madeline DeStefano

About the artist: Madeline enjoys making work that brings some humor to the viewer. She often draws aesthetic inspiration from animation and comics. 


Nancy Cowley

Painted Rocks

IMG_9045 2.HEIC
Lune Lane

Luna Lane art is a mixed media exploration in search of all things authentic and imperfectly charming. This current series is focused on ceramics and finding beauty in even the most simple and raw forms. While creating a variety of shapes through repetition and surrender to the natural movement, colors and textures of clay- these calming chime bells emerged. Through my art journey, these pieces served as a soft reminder to trust the process and allow the medium to work it's own way into form and being..

Visit her Instagram:

IMG-8685-jpg - Brooke Bingham.JPG
Michi Wilson

My art is not directly representative of my life’s struggles, but about the collective experience of what it’s like processing trauma: isolation, building walls, setting boundaries, and learning the difference between healing one’s heart and guarding it - accepting the scars of my past. My past work has been about gilding scars (broken butterfly and organ series), imagery with broken pieces filled with gold leaf and thread. Healing. Living with scars but seeing the beauty and strength in overcoming. Recently I’m delving deeper into the experience of that which creates brokenness and scars: the coping, the struggle. I’m exploring the escapist mindset in experiencing trauma. A woman’s disassociation required to handle crises, compartmentalizing. Losing herself as her colors fade and daydreaming of escape or hiding in order to just deal with daily routine in toxic relationships, generational sadness and mental illness. Isolation.

Visit her Website:


Christine Terrell has a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. That, and a few welding and blacksmithing classes at Austin Community College minimally prepared her for the vast and intrepid world of metal upcycling. She has been happily engaged making jewelry and art from vintage decorative tins for nearly two decades now. She also enjoys making collages, collecting and sharing good things and swimming in the headwaters of the gorgeous river that begins in San Marcos, TX where she lives with her husband and two boys.About the Artist:

Visit her Website:

Christine Terrell
Michael Hannon 

About the Artist:

I have always liked popup books, and cards, and started making my own for friends, and have moved on to making them as Christmas cards, and for sale. people seem to like them.

Visit his Website:

IMG_6087 - Michael Hannon.jpg
Claudette Cozzi

Her Story:

As my three daughters left home in various stages, I came upon little boxes of incomplete or broken jewelry they no longer wanted (or even knew they had!). I was inspired by some of the single earrings, broken strands of beads or brooches to construct little works of art based on the various pieces. In some cases, I deconstructed and then reconstructed. Upon seeing the results, friends then offered me little bags and boxes of like materials. Away I went - to the number of 53 mini canvases!

mini canvas - Tom Cozzi.jpg
Margaret Falletta

I am a ceramic sculpture artist. My pieces are organic in structure, informed by nature and patterns in nature. Sometimes I have an idea in mind when I begin a piece. Sometimes things just happen. This piece began as a simple pinch pot.


Social Media:

Karen Flowers Cross

I love art, it is my passion. I have a BFA in Studio Art from UT Austin, TX. I use paint, paper and fabric in my art work. I love sewing with a machine and hand stitching. Sewing on paper creates beautiful textures. Textures, patterns, less color than more and soothing compositions are what I aim for when making art.

Social Media


Apply for the Gallery here!

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