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Community Art Closet

Free art supplies for everyone to use!
 Our goal is to provide the community a self growing, free, and safe space to create art.

Community Art Gallery


What is the Community Art Closet?

  • The Community Art Closet is to provide free access to art supplies and materials from which to create art for everyone.

When and where can I visit the Community Art Closet?

What supplies can I use in the Community Art Closet?

  • All supplies labeled under "Community Art Closet" are available to use. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also check out our inventory list!

Can I take supplies home from the Community Art Closet?

  • We ask that you keep all supplies in the closet please. This way everyone has the ability to use the art supplies. If some supplies are not working anymore, just ask for help.

Our Services

Take a closer look at the Community Art Supply Closet!

Get to know our Interns!

Daniele, Leslie, and James

Together with Clay DeStefano, Michelle Wilson, and the Texas State Interns, we repurposed this space for art-making. The Community Art Closet is open for all ages to the San Marcos community!

Want to know about the team at the Price Center?

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Show and Share

Here are some artists in our community that used the space to embark on their art making journey and sharing that experience!

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