Welcome to the Price Center's Tiny Garden Gallery! Here you will find artworks from our San Marcos Community displayed within the space. The Tiny Garden Gallery was donated by Karen Cross originally as an outdoor library, repurposed to become an outdoor gallery space within the Price Center Garden.

The outdoor gallery brings in those who pass by to be drawn in by the artwork within. This space is a starting point of the artwork displayed throughout the Garden, so make sure you go look for the other artworks hidden within the bushes! 

The outdoor gallery is a rotating gallery which allows many artists to apply and display their work in the Garden. Every few weeks the Price Center will release a new artist call for new artwork to be placed in the Gallery. 

Be Aware! The dimensions of the Gallery are 22 x 14 inches. No artwork larger that 20 x 12 inches!

Our Artists

Here are the artists displayed in the Tiny Garden Gallery in our Price Center Garden. Stop by and see their work!

Hannah Comstock


My name is Hannah Comstock and I am a 21 year old artist from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am in my senior year of college studying Art Education at Texas State University. I work with various types of paints and inks on large-scale surfaces that range from the typical canvas or wall space to more atypical things such as surfboards or taxidermied fish blanks. For this piece, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and decided to go with a medium I had limited experience with, which is metal. I created this self portrait out of a 2X2in piece of brass and some wire rods. I went through a series of different processes such as rolling and pressing metal, creating rivets and staining the metal using a brass black patina. Having never really worked with metal before, I wanted to experiment with different layering techniques, and ended up stacking the two sheets of metal onto either side of the rivet. In the deductive part of the self portrait, you can see the background sheet of metal that was pressed to have a sheet of lace into it. This whole process took me around 23 hours total to complete.

Contact Information:

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