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Following a successful 20th anniversary celebration in December of 2022, the Price Center was pleased to learn of the community's further support and admiration via the announcement late last month that two separate "Best of Hays" honors were bestowed for 2022: Best Art Gallery and Best Community Center/Social Venue. The wins are especially rewarding following the challenges of 2020 - 22 brought on by COVID-related closures and significantly fewer venue rentals, which are the lifeblood of the unique downtown venue.

"It's an honor and a real energizer for us to keep doing what were doing," said Clay DeStefano executive director. "We're extremely grateful to all who contribute to our success and to all voted," he added.

The Center's operating model of limited paid staff supported by several active and engaged volunteers helped to sustain the operation during the downtimes.

The wins follow other Best of Hays honors in 2017, 19 and 20. The Center also received the Downtown San Marcos Legend Legend Award in 2016, Downtown Partner of the Year in 2019, and the San Marcos Art Commission's SMART Award in 2018. Shortly after opening, the Center received the 2004 Best Adaptive Reuse Award from the Texas Downtown Association. Click here to learn more about our awards and accolades through the years.

Pictured above are some of the current folks behind the Price Center's success: (l-r) Margaret Adie, volunteer Arts Committee member; Michelle Wilson, Admin. Assistant; Dianne Wassenich, chief volunteer and keeper of the garden; Garrie Borden, Board and Arts Committee member, Glynis Christine, Board member, Madeline DeStefano, housekeeping and event support; Clay DeStefano, executive director, and Tom Roach, Board member.

Not pictured: Joan Nagel, Board and Arts Committee Chair, Anna Broome, Board Vice Chair, Dale Kelley, Treasurer, Annie Teehan, Secretary, Leona Julian, Board member, Kyong Hee Chee, Board member, and Tracy Weinberg, Art Committee.


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