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Help Construct A Community Crazy Quilt Honoring Our Green Planet

In honor of the planet, the Price Center Arts Committee is pleased to annouce our newest collaborative public art installation: a unique paper crazy quilt comprised of individual squares created by you! Our Green Planet Crazy Quilt will feature mini-works made from a randomly selected earth-colored palette of materials -- collected from recycled materials -- which can be personalized through design, additional elements, and your creativity.

Go Abstract. Go literal. Go symbolic. Go crazy!


1. Gather supplies and play with the papers, cutting them into pleasing shapes.

2. Once you have played around with your pieces, glue them on to the foundation piece provided.

Please be sure to cover the whole square; overlapping pieces of paper is fine.

3. Use some or all of the pieces in the bag, especially green.

4. Feel free to enhance and embellish your piece with your own papers, ribbon, lace, buttons, stamps,

pens to mark patterns or stitches, paint, etc.

5. Sign the back of your square.

Return date: Return your piece to the Price Center by Saturday, May 13, or sooner. Thanks for helping

us make this Green Planet Crazy Quilt.

The finished work is a cohesive and joyful composition will hang as part of our larger Gallery Show Revisions: an Upcycled Exhibit, which hangs May 5 – July 1.

Packet Pick Up: April 28 – May 13

W-F: noon-5, Sat, 10-3

The finished work will hang May 15 – July 1

Get your kit today. Hurry, they're going fast!

Pictured here are two examples of what you will find in your kit.


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