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Mermaid at Price Center Honors Flora of San Marcos River and Land

While the installation of 10 new Mermaid sculptures throughout downtown is certainly revving up the momentum and popularity of Mermaids in town, each of the 7’ forms is also teaching and informing locals and visitors alike about the city’s history, culture and most precious resources.

The one selected for the Price Center named “Dianne,” after her inspiration source – the San Marcos River Foundation’s executive director Dianne Wassenich – honors local flora via a design based on the garden Wassenich maintains at the Center and also prominently features her beloved Texas Wild Rice.

(l-r) Mermaid Dianne, Price Center Executive Director Clay DeStefano, artist Morgan Egan, inspiration DIanne Wassenich. Photo by GonzoFotoz

Local artist Morgan Egan painted the work and officially dedicated it to Wassenich by naming the piece “Dianne” upon its permanent installation at the Center this past week. “Dianne is such a huge influence in my life,” said Egan. “Her devotion to preserving and protecting our river and her creation and maintenance of some of the prettiest gardens in town, inspire me to say I need to be doing more,” she added.

This is the second recent honor Wassenich has received for her river advocacy and volunteer spirit. She was also just named Mermaid Society SMTX's Queen for their 2018 festivities coming to San Marcos in September.

Mexican Hydrangeas bloom throughout early summer in the Center's Garden.

Some of the Center Garden’s best and brightest bloomers, including Mexican hydrangea, coral vine and sunflowers are expertly merged with limestone, wild rice and other river flora on the engaging form. Egan was one of 10 local artists selected to reinvent one of the 10 identical forms created by the San Marcos Arts Commission for their latest permanent public art installation. She is also the artist responsible for the “Keep San Marcos Beautiful” mermaid mural on the backside of the Root Cellar Bakery and Catering building.

The new Mermaid March winds through downtown San Marcos educating and entertaining all who take it in. From celebrating the original Auqamaids and Ralph the swimming pig, to honoring our native peoples, each Mermaid has a unique story to tell. Here’s a summary of all ten locations and the artists who created them.

  • “Ode to Ralph” by Cheryl Latimer sits at the SM Visitor/Discovery Center

  • “Aqua Reina” by Jamie Lynn Shelton sits at the SM Activity Center

  • “Before Us” by Dianna Weems sits in Plaza Park

  • “Mermaid Playground” by Malachy McKinney sits on Hutcheson St in front of Texas Skate

  • “Liquid Metal” by Darn Wood sits on Hutcheson St in front of Minute Man Press

  • “Oh for the Muse of Fire” by April Layman sits in front of the LBJ Museum at Guadalupe and Hopkins Streets

  • “Dianne” by Morgan Egan sits in the Garden at the Price Center

  • “Mermaid Map” by Grace Park sits at Eddie Durham Park

  • The Fish of the San Marcos Waterways by Doug Hiser sits at the corner of MLK and Guadalupe

  • Blooming Brightly by Lauren Hoffman sits at Children’s Park

For more information about the Price Center garden and other activities, please call 512-392-2900, stop by 222 W. San Antonio St., downtown San Marcos, or visit

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