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Based on the success of their inaugural partnership, the LifeLong Learning Organization of San Marcos (LLL) and Price Center are teaming up again to present two more workshops featuring local calligrapher, poet, and illuminator Michael Hannon beginning Aug. 6 & 7. Hannon will teach two separate 6-week workshops exploring paper engineering and poetry writing respectively. Both workshops require advance registration and payment of a small fee.

An example of Hannon's unique pop-up art cards

Card Pop-Ups: A Course in Paper Engineering will teach participants techniques for making simple but dramatic pop-up cards that could be used for any occasion. The class will meet Mondays from 10 am – noon, beginning Aug. 6 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Center. Cost is $40.

How to Write Poetry will focus on the writing of poetry with an emphasis on the practical use of various types of prosody . . . the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry. The class will meet Tuesdays from 10 am. – noon, beginning Aug. 7 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Center. Cost is $40.

The LifeLong Learning Organization of San Marcos, founded by Dr. Marianne Reese, is a nonprofit organization offering a broad range of stimulating and engaging opportunities for self-fulfillment presented in a social and pleasurable atmosphere. Learn more by visiting

To register or for more information, please call 512-392-2900, stop by 222 W. San Antonio St., downtown San Marcos, or visit

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