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Mardi Gras Parade Viewing & Afterparty set for Sat., Feb 10 @ Price Ctr

San Marcos’ original Mardi Gras Krewe – The Mistick Krewe of Okeanos --will again bring the Carnival spirit and traditions to San Marcos with its 6th annual Okeanos Parade on Sat., Feb 10. This year’s parade will feature all the color, fun and spirit of the first five plus more participants, an expanded parade route -- bringing the activities into downtown San Marcos -- and a free parade viewing and afterparty at the Price Center.

The new expanded route will run the length of Belvin Street from Bishop to Scott Street, then turn right onto Scott, where the procession will cross Hopkins Street and turn left onto San Antonio St. where it will proceed to the front of the Price Center at 222 W. San Antonio Street. At Noon, the parade will begin slowly moving down Belvin, with a San Marcos police car and a precession of floats, walking groups and musical and art performers.

The Price Center will serve as the unofficial downtown headquarters for the events that day. The Dirty River Dixie Band will play live music from Noon till 3 and parade viewing will begin at Noon at the Center. The public is encouraged to bring folding chairs and personal refreshments for the day’s activities, which will include a presentation of the King and Queen, best costumes and float contests, and lots of opportunities to meet and engage with your friends and neighbors. Chef Ray will also be on hand to sell New Orleans-inspired food out of the Tea Room.

“The Center is delighted to be able to host the downtown portion of the Mardi Gras activities this year,” said Clay DeStefano, executive director. “Thanks to the help of funds from the San Marcos Arts Commission, the Krewe was able to make it happen.”

The Mistick Krewe's Carnival season began with the Twelfth Night Masque, held on Epiphany at the Center to honor local notables recognized for their work in the challenging field of historic preservation/conservation and those who have made San Marcos a better place to live. Long-time San Marcos residents Ted and Thea Dake were named as King and Queen of this year's Carnival at the Jan. 6th event. The pair will ride in the parade along with past royalty and preside over the Carnival festivities for the year.

If you and a group are interested in marching in the Krewe of Okeanos Mardi Gras Parade there’s still time to get involved. Please call Parade Captain Mike Paris at 512-689-4592. For more information you can visit the Krewes’ website and/or Facebook page.

For additional information about Mardi Gras-related activities at the Price Center, call 512-392-2900 or stop by 222 W. San Antonio St. Mon. – Fri. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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