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Blood Brothers Begins 2nd Weekend Run

It's Showtime as the blood brothers prepare for their final donnybrook in the Spotlight Theater's production of the "Blood Brothers," now playing at the Price Center. Born as fraternal twins, the blood brothers -- separated upon birth -- will die together -- by each other's hand or angsts. Conceived in the dark depths of Liverpool 1982, the record setting play is a taut, high intensity musical drama, exploring the deadliness of human cravenness, intrigue and -- of course -- guilt. This production is somewhat of a thriller with quizzical songs and skilled, thought-provoking performances exposing human frailties. Produced by Angie Lassetter and directed by Karin Cunningham, remaining performances are tonight and tomorrow night and May 5 and 6, at 7:30 PM. Tickets (at the door only) are $15 and $10 for students and seniors

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