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San Marcos, TX – The Price Center is teaming up with local artist Veronique Hahn to offer an open-session, adult “Arts & Crafts for Fun’ class every Tuesday from 2-4 p.m. in its multi-purpose room. While the class is free and open to all, a donation to the Center is encouraged.

“The Price Center has done so much for the community through the years and especially the arts,” said Veronique Hahn, volunteer instructor for the class. “I wanted to give back to the Center by engaging new followers and supporters in this fun and creative session with lots of opportunities to socialize, too,” she added.

Opportunities to express oneself creatively abound at the Price Center through a monthly porcelain painting club, quilting bee and one-off art workshops. Rotating art shows displayed daily in free, public galleries provide cultural enrichment and entertainment. One-off musical performances, seasonal theatrical productions and movie showings offer more chances to enjoy the arts while meeting friends and neighbors.

This newest community art offering will begin on April 11 with a focus on Easter cards and crafts. Participants are encouraged to bring a friend and their own inventory of non-toxic supplies to create items in a group setting.

Class size is limited to 12 participants. To reserve your spot, stop by 222 W. San Antonio St. Mon. – Fri., 9-5 p.m., or call 512-392-2900.

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