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New Downtown Walkabout This Thurs.

The former Third Thursday Gallery Night has been expanded to include many more stops and renamed the 3rd Thursday Downtown Walkabout. This month the Price Center is joining the festivities with a chance for visitors to take in the works of two local artists, a photographer and an oil painter in separate solo shows. Both shows, which provide intimate looks at nature, man and animals, will be coming down Thanksgiving Weekend.

The first show features local photographer and raconteur Carl Deal who offers a striking assortment of 34 primarily black and white nature and portrait images from around the world and San Marcos. Deals’ work hangs in the Center’s Parlor and historic 1910 Room.

The second show featuring painter Georgiana Chenault from Wimberley in the Center’s Tea Room, brings her expert hand and eye to a delightfully engaging series of large and small scale animal portraits painted on traditional canvases as well as unique natural surfaces including marble and other stone surfaces.

The Walkabout will take place this Thursday, Nov. 17, from 6-9 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided. For more information about the 3rd Thursday Downtown Walkabout, the current art shows, or to submit art to be considered for a future exhibit, please stop by 222 W. San Antonio St. Mon. – Fri., 9-5 p.m., or call 512-392-2900.

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