The Art of Bill Hutson is a unique city-wide exhibition celebrating the work of artist and San Marcos native Bill Hutson. As part of the show, the Price Center is featuring a six-piece installation of 3D works by Hutson, the centerpiece of which is Oba’s Room and two studies for the piece. A second 3D work, titled Tactile Series, Study #9 and two studies for it, complete the exhibit. The six works will hang in the Price Center’s Main Parlor Jan. 15 – Feb. 26.

The works on display at the Center are indicative of Hutson’s unique vision and style -- combining form, texture, and color in abstract presentations to create deceivingly simple-looking works that examine complex themes and ideas. Acrylic paints, inks, wood, paper, and canvas all factor into his finished works.

Hutson, born in 1936 and raised in the Dunbar neighborhood of San Marcos, later became one of the most innovative artists of his generation. As a young laborer he found that he disliked farm work and changed over to construction work. Hutson was, and still is, fascinated with how things are built and work. His avid interest in learning about structures and how they were put together led to a series of works, including the 6 pieces featured at the Center.

Hutson spent a year living in Nigeria in the mid-1970’s and was invited to meet the Oba (King) in his palace. The architecture and unique forms inspired Hutson to create Oba’s Room, based on his impressions of the space during the meeting with the Oba. The result is an engaging and lush wall-mounted 3D work celebrating form, architecture, and ornamentation.

Tactile Series, Study #9 and its supporting studies take the viewer on a similar journey using a different subject and palette. This one proves ahead of its time with an interactive component by offering the show’s curator a chance to rearrange the five elements for differe