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New Rotating Art Gallery Seeking Artists

The beautiful and historic Price Center in downtown San Marcos has been serving as a cultural and performing arts center since its founding by Ron and Marie Jager in the late 1990s. The Center is interested in submissions from community artists who would like to display and potentially sell original works in a rotating community art gallery located throughout the Center’s Tea Room, Parlor and historic 1910 and 1893 Rooms.

From hosting annual summer and fall musical theatre productions to serving as the home for creating art to Recitals, documentary and other film showings, book-signing-and-reading events, to pop-up art shows, the cultural arts have been an integral part of the Price Center operations from day one.

“Ron and Marie have always focused on creating intergenerational activities and our cultural events truly serve to unite multiple generations from all walks,’” said Clay DeStefano executive director.

The Center also features a maker space via an upstairs art studio currently used on a regular basis by Bee Friends, a local quilting bee and the River Valley Porcelain Arts Club. Both organizations also now regularly display examples of the works created at the Center.

Interested artists will need to meet criteria set forth by the Center’s Board, including paying a $20 entry fee and a 10% commission on works sold. Proceeds generated from any sales will benefit the Greater San Marcos Area Seniors Association (GSMASA) a 501 (c) 3, which operates the Center.

All works must be original art, finished and ready to hang/display. 2-and 3-D works will be considered. DeStefano says he’d like to have a show up by fall with an Opening Reception in the Center’s Tea Room. The theme for the first show is “San Marcos.” Interested artists should stop by the Price Center at 222 W. San Antonio St., call 512-392-2900 or email DeStefano at .

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