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The Allies were leading early on in the fight for the Ardennes. As the Allies closed in, Colonel Max von Gallwitz called for a regroup of the 4th Panzer Brigade. The plan was for the Panther tanks to race to a new line of defense where they would be waiting. The Allied forces hadn’t caught up to the Panzer’s by the time they reached their new position. The Allies were completely caught off guard by this move. The Panther Brigade drove straight into the Allied forces at the Ardennes, along with two days of supplies. The Allied forces were split into two groups, one heading towards the German Panzer while the second headed towards the supply’s and the supply depots.The Panther’s ran into the French Army division and ripped through them. The Allies divisions that were told to head towards the German supply’s and their supplies where completely split. The supply’s and supplies were moved into an existing mine field and were ready to explode. Each Allied division headed towards one of the mine fields. The supply’s and supplies were able to reach the mine fields, and the Allied divisions were waiting to be blown up. And then the mine field exploded. The Allied supply’s and supplies were cut off and the Germans had won the battle. The Allied front line was completely shattered as the Germans continued to push towards the Allied forces. As the Allies became more desperate, they started to dig a tunnel under the German lines. They knew that if the tunnel was big enough, they could escape through it and continue the fight. In the end, this was exactly what the Allies needed, to escape and continue the fight. This tunnel was huge, and it led to a mine field. The Allies had to break through the mine field and find the tunnel. They finally found the tunnel and broke through the mine field. The Allies had escaped and they continued their fight. The Allies had broken through the German lines, and they continued the fight. The battle for the Ardennes continued for three days. The Allies were pushed back a little more, and the Allies stopped the German push. The Germans needed to break through the Allied lines. They needed to break through, and win the war! The battle was coming to an end, the Allies needed to win. The Allies knew that they couldn’t win, so they worked with the German





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